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Dynamic Embodiment™ is a form of somatic education and movement therapy developed by Dr. Martha Eddy, that integrates skilled touch, movement, & compassionate dialogue through a unique combination of social justice and creative movement to help people of all ages and abilities to relieve their own stress, find enhanced expressiveness, and balance all aspects of the body and psyche.

It is a synthesis of some of the finest forms of somatic education: the language of human movement – Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals which teach movement efficiency and Body-Mind Centering® which helps to bring consciousness to all parts of the body.

The method is based in a process called OSO. Observe. Support. Options. Practitioners begin with statistically reliable observation based in neuro-motor development based in the framework of BMC and LMA

The framework offers interventions that provide support for what is working, and culminate in exploring Optimizing Options using the vast range of resources identified within BMC® and LMA.

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