Vincent Yong

Having taught, coached and lectured internationally in dance, fitness and relationships for the past 15 years, award-winning Vincent Yong brings with him a sensitivity that connects with his audiences and students. He is analytical and communicates ways to help students and clients expand and associate their bodies with self-defined purposes. Vincent is a movement analyst and somatic therapist. Certified in other modalities of somatic work and therapeutic approaches, he prepares bodies to allow healing to commence.

Jae Young Jung

Jae Young Jung, M.A, B.A, completed her BodyMind Dancing Teacher Training in 2015. Now, she is thrilled and honored to be sharing her learning and invaluable experiences from Dr. Eddy and the Dynamic Embodiment Practitioners with her prospective clients and students in the near future. She is currently a faculty member of the Huntington Center for Performing Arts in New York, and a ballet mistress of the Long Island Ballet Theatre for the Nutcracker Ballet Production. She is also an American Ballet Theatre (ABT) Project Plié partner teacher to introduce ballet to a broad array of children and to identify gifted children. Jae Young has had extensive trainings in classical ballet, character dance and contemporary modern dance technique. She has performed and choreographed in many events and shows throughout New York, Canada, and South Korea. After achieving B.A, dance majored in South Korea, and the teaching certification of the Royal Academy of Dance in Canada, she continued her training and learning at ABT/ NYU master’s program in higher dance education, and is a registered dance teacher from the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) national training curriculum and Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).

Ashley Cartledge

Ashley Cartledge is a public school dance educator at North Pitt High School (North Pitt) in Bethel, NC (since January 2011) and a certified teacher of BodyMind Dancing™. Her curriculum at North Pitt focuses on composition, creative-movement, and dance technique through Western and Non-Western dance genres, rooted in critical thinking, cultural/self-appreciation, and the development of kinesthetic intelligence using culturally responsive teaching practices. From October 2010 – December 2011 Ashley served as a resident choreographer and dancer for The Distillery, a former arts collective once based in Raleigh, NC. In 2012, and 2013, Ashley served on the committee to write the Pitt County dance curriculum and pacing guides for the NC Essential Standards. Ashley received her BFA in Dance Education from East Carolina University (2010) and her MA in Dance Education (with Advanced Licensure) from the University of North Carolina Greensboro (2017) where she founded the student chapter of NDEO at UNCG. In October of 2016, Ashley obtained her BodyMind Dancing™ (BMD) certification and while she does not teach BMD classes at a stand alone studio, she does incorporate it into her dance curriculum at North Pitt. The philosophy of BMD aids her pursuit of fostering a more culturally responsive classroom. Ashley uses the somatic approaches and principles from BMD to encourage her students’ to explore dance technique and creative movement. She has discovered this aids in challenging students’ intrapersonal and interpersonal skills through independent practice in a communal setting. Through the fusion of BMD into her current curriculum, Ashley encourages her students to become more comfortable with themselves and feel like part of a larger community.

Ellie Marcos Furones

Ellie Marcos Furones has been a dancer, teacher and researcher seeking the body mind connection that exists per se in all human beings. This and other questions have been in the core of both her academic and professional experience. Following the thread of her interests she has moved from the dance field (Postgraduate in Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School), to the social field (a year in Social and Cultural Anthropology) and the linguistic field, (Translation and Interpretation studies). As an attempt to understand the human being as a whole she enrolled in the Dance Movement Therapy Masters Degree program at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The idea of using dance as the tool for communication has directed her journey through different work environments. She has worked as a dancer in the UK and Spain touring internationally and nationally. She has also worked as a Contemporary Dance Teacher for dancers and Creative Dance Movement Teacher people with mental disabilities and children in schools. As a result of these experiences, improvisation has become an important part of her practice and is present in her classes. Due to her belief that the body is the source from which personal histories can be revealed, she moved to New York to gain a better understanding of the mind through deepening her studies in the body knowledge. Laban/Bartenieff has become the framework that has pulled all her interest together. Ellie Marcos Furones is a Certified Movement Analyst, BodyMind Dancing™ Teacher, DanceAbility Teacher and a Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist recognized by ISMETA.